The Crew at Enterprise Farm

The crew at Enterprise Farm welcomes you. 

Alan Middleton

Phone: 919 753-5042

Alan directed construction activities at Enterprise Farm from the very beginning. As general manager,  Alan now manages farm operations, and is committed to maintaining the facility at its best and providing excellent care for all its inhabitants.

Teena Middleton

First Officer

Phone: 910 290-0475

Teena designed Enterprise Farm to include all the amenities and conveniences she needed to make riding and horse care a pleasure.  Having first managed stables and then boarded her horses at multiple facilities over the last 30 years, there we always details that worked......and those that did not. Enterprise Farms includes all of those working details.  


Teena has a Ph.D in nutrition from NC State University and provides counsel on feeding programs that optimize the health and performance of the residents at Enterprise Farm. 

Finn Schoch

Barn Manager


As the Barn Manager at Enterprise Farm, Finn keeps things running smoothly. With a passion for horses and a knack for keeping things organized, he ensures that everyone is happy and healthy. Finn lives on property and works closely with Teena and Alan to make Enterprise Farm the best it can be!


Barn Dog In Training


Roxy is a corgi puppy and has a lot to learn around the farm, although she's already mastered cuteness!

Come Find Us:

Enterprise Farm
623 Sweetbriar Rd
Angier, NC 27501

Phone: +1 919 753-5042



Enterprise Farm is proudly owned and managed by Alan and Teena Middleton.



Owner managed and operated.

Owners live on site and perform most day to day operations.  

Visitors Always Welcome

Although the facility is gated, it is to keep the horses in, not to keep anyone out.  Contact Alan and schedule a tour and to get instructions on gate access.  We are always glad to show you around.  

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