Enterprise Farm is is a private 8-stall boarding facility located near Angier, NC that offers amenities for the discriminating horse owner.  


Stalls have mats, corner feeders, automatic waterers, yoke windows/doors, and a grooming box out front.  The central aisles and common grooming/bathing areas have rubberized flooring for safety.  Each grooming stall has an access door that adjoins covered parking for veterinarians, farriers, and other equine professionals.  Individual tack closets are provided for each boarder and individual turnout is provided for each horse.  Security cameras with internet access provide boarders the opportunity to check in on their horses anytime.  


A furnished lounge with Wi-Fi, TV and a full kitchen is available for all boarders and their guests. Two dorm-style furnished rooms with full baths are available for over night stays or for students with horses or horse interests.  


Paddocks are approximately a half acre each, fenced with no square corners using 2"x4" woven wire with a sight board on top.  Bermuda grazing during the warm season and over seeding with rye during the cool season provides year round grazing.   Each paddock has its own individual shelter.  Heated water tubs provide ice free water access in even the coldest temperatures.   


Over an acre of turfed riding surface is provided for "no puddle/no dust" riding in all types of weather and a round pen with 6' panels is available for free lunging. 

This facility has been in the planning stages since I was 12.  I have tried to incorporate the good ideas I have seen elsewhere and bring them all together into one facility.  I only want the best for my horses.....and I am willing to share the place with a few others that feel the same.  

Browse the picture gallery below to preview our facilities. 

Come Find Us:

Enterprise Farm
623 Sweetbriar Rd
Angier, NC 27501

Phone: +1 919 753-5042

Email: horseshuttle@gmail.com


Enterprise Farm is proudly owned and managed by Alan and Teena Middleton.



Owner managed and operated.

Owners live on site and perform most day to day operations.  

Visitors Always Welcome

Although the facility is gated, it is to keep the horses in, not to keep anyone out.  Contact Alan and schedule a tour and to get instructions on gate access.  We are always glad to show you around.  

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