Welcome to Enterprise Farm



Enterprise Farm is about more than just boarding your horse. We want to partner with you to provide your horse with the care and attention they need to look and feel their best. If you are interested in showing at the highest level or just want your horse to look like a winner, we have a management program that will work for you.  We take care of your horses the same way we take care of ours.  Just a few of the services that are considered standard care at Enterprise Farm:


  • Feed/care provided four times/day
  • Free choice hay or forage always available
  • Owner provided fly spray applied before turn out
  • 16 hour/day lighting program for a year round summer coat
  • Blanketing as required to maintain a show ring appearance


We PROUDLY promote Quarter Horses in Dressage......but welcome all disciplines and breeds.  


Outside instructors are welcome at Enterprise Farm as are guests, guest horses, and leashed pets.

Features of the Barn


Just a few of the features of the barn at Enterprise Farm:


  • 12' x 12' stalls with yoke style doors and windows
  • 12' aisleways
  • Shoo-Fly fly suppression system
  • Rubber Floor Mats in every stall
  • Rubberized flooring in aisles and grooming/wash areas
  • Radiant floor heat in aisles and grooming/wash areas
  • Each stall has a permanently mounted fan for "creature comfort" in the summer
  • Each stall has a grooming box mounted out front to keep grooming items and treats handy 
  • Individual tack closets for each boarder
  • High ceilings for ventilation.  Skylights in every stall.  
  • Several stalls have connecting covered "patios".  Ideal for older horses, rehab horses, or horses that are on restricted turn out.  


Advantages of a MD Barnmaster Barn

Come Find Us:

Enterprise Farm
623 Sweetbriar Rd
Angier, NC 27501

Phone: +1 919 753-5042

Email: horseshuttle@gmail.com


Enterprise Farm is proudly owned and managed by Alan and Teena Middleton.



Owner managed and operated.

Owners live on site and perform most day to day operations.  

Visitors Always Welcome

Although the facility is gated, it is to keep the horses in, not to keep anyone out.  Contact Alan and schedule a tour and to get instructions on gate access.  We are always glad to show you around.  

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