Construction of Enterprise Farm

Thanks to all our friends and family for their support during construction.  In October of 2010 Enterprise Farm started out as just a soybean field.....complete with soybeans that had to be harvested before construction could begin.   2011 saw grading work and establishing pastures. 2012 involved fence construction and site preparation for barn construction (yep....we thought it was level, but it took 63 dumptruck loads of fill dirt before it was).  In 2013 the main barn structure was constructed.   2014 involved finishing the interior of the barn and apartment, and FINALLY, moving in.     

Was it worth it?  Would we do it all over again?  You better believe it.  Nothing beats sitting in your own barn watching the horses contently muching hay.  

Check out some of the construction efforts in the photo gallery below.

Come Find Us:

Enterprise Farm
623 Sweetbriar Rd
Angier, NC 27501

Phone: +1 919 753-5042



Enterprise Farm is proudly owned and managed by Alan and Teena Middleton.



Owner managed and operated.

Owners live on site and perform most day to day operations.  

Visitors Always Welcome

Although the facility is gated, it is to keep the horses in, not to keep anyone out.  Contact Alan and schedule a tour and to get instructions on gate access.  We are always glad to show you around.  

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